How can you help?

Any donation is always appreciated! We are going to have on going Fundraising for the Ken Lanning Golf Center. The money that we raise will help us be able to run programs and provide events for individuals to enjoy for years to come.

The Ken Lanning Wall of Fame

Missouri Junior Golf Foundation License Plate

Another way for you to contribute to the Ken Lanning Golf Center is by purchasing a Missouri Junior Gold Foundation License Plate. In order to do so, you must first make a donation to the MJGF of $25. If you want to send it by mail, here is the address:

Donation- License Plate

Missouri Junior Golf Foundation

PO Box 104164

Jefferson City MO, 65110

Once the donation is received to our office we will send you two forms (Form 1716 and EUAS) that you need to have for the Department of Revenue (DOR) to place your order. The DOR license plate charge is $15 for the plates on a yearly basis.

Look below if you would like to make a donation. Thank you!